Why is conservation and sustainable forest management so important for the health of our forests?

Across our region, over 60% of forests are owned by small woodland owners. And there are steps that landowners can take while harvesting or managing their woodlands to protect, support, and even enhance the incredible conservation and wildlife values of our region. Here are some of the main conservation themes to protect, enhance, or create through sustainable forest management for small private forest landowners in the Blue Ridge of the Southern and Central Appalachians. Forestry professionals will help you design a harvest plan that promotes these components, where appropriate and necessary, to ensure good forest stewardship and healthy future forests.

Read more about each conservation theme to learn more about the importance of each theme in the Appalachian region, how they are affected by forest management, and what private landowners can do to help.

Water Quality

Learn steps to ensure good water quality on your land

Oak Regeneration

Nurture these species that are essential to healthy Appalachian forests

Wildlife and Habitat

Learn to create young forest habitat that many species require

Special Sites

Identify ecologically significant animal and plant communities that need protection


By working with the Rainforest Alliance, we can improve the livelihoods of tree farmers and their families while creating economic dividends for the entire value chain.”

— Dean Scarborough, Executive Chairman of Avery Dennison